Can Prabhas avoid PK and MB’s fates?

Young rebel star Prabhas’s latest film, Radhe Shyam, released on March 11th, among huge expectations. Upon its release though, the film has received a huge mixed response from everywhere, and the film is performing very poorly outside of the Telugu states.

Experts suggest that the film would require a major miracle to recover its budget and that it is highly unlikely to even recover 50% of what it cost to make the film. If this happens, then the movie might turn out to be the biggest disaster in Tollywood. So far, Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu occupy the first two places in that category, with Agnyathavaasi and Spyder respectively. While Agnyathavaasi incurred losses to the tune of Rs. 66.10 Crores, Spyder incurred losses to the tune of Rs. 60.50 Crores.

For Radhe Shyam to not join this list, it would have to collect Rs. 138 Crores on the whole, of which it only collected Rs. 75.31 Crores so far. It is now to be seen if Prabhas will be able to avoid PK and MB’s fates, or if Radhe Shyam will turn out to be the biggest disaster in Tollywood’s history.

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