Can Pawan match up to Balayya’s euphoria?

What Balakrishna missed for nearly 2 years, he made up for, with just a single film, in the form of Akhanda, which went on to become the biggest hit of his career. The film became such a phenomenal hit that it completed 100 days of its theatrical run, something that no other film has been able to achieve in a really long time, in recent years.

The mass euphoria that was created around Akhanda, transferred to the OTT platform as well, as everyone was more than happy to watch the film on Disney Hotstar when it was released, so much so that it was in the top position on the streaming platform for several days. Now, a similar frenzy is brewing around Pawan Kalyan’s Bheemla Nayak, which is going to be released on Disney Hotstar on March 25th.

While everyone seems to be excited to watch the film as soon as it releases, many are wondering if it would be able to match up to the euphoria of Akhanda. Considering Pawan’s following and craze, it is to be seen what will happen now.

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