Can film releases happen from July?

Lock down extension is expected to last till the first week of June and then, the country could be slowly looking to open the country to get economy back in action. The Film Industries across India are looking to release films from July and start working from June. But Mumbai is badly hit by Covid-19 and hence, Hyderabad and Bangalore industries are asking their respective governments to give them permissions to start working from 1st June.

Now, the Industry is also thinking about releasing films from July, it seems. With social-distancing norms being applied at the theatres, they want to showcase films for particular time period and then release them on OTT platforms as early as they can, looking at the response from audiences, it seems. This way, they hope to keep theatres in business and get the theatrical releases out of the way and then go for Satellite, OTT distribution, which may not give them complete refund on investment but will reduce the dependency on theatricals and slowly, the demand will restore, they believe. Will Telugu Governments agree for this plan? Let’s wait and see.

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