Can any film make an impact this Friday?

This Friday has a number of releases coming up. All of these are small to medium range films and do not have a lot of expectations on them. Considering that they have only one week to prove themselves, as Mahesh’s Sarakaru Vaari Paata is all set to be released next week, it is to be seen whether any film will be able to make an impact or not.

RGV’s Ma Istam, Vishwak Sen’s Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam, Sree Vishnu’s Bhala Tandanana and Suma Kanakala’s Jayamma Panchayiti are the film that are scheduled to be released this Friday. Each and every film on this list is a unique one, with different people leading them. Suma Kanakala is making her acting come back with Jayamma Panchayiti after more than a decade, and her character has been hyped up.

On the other hand, Vishwak Sen and Sree Vishnu have made their own mark on the audiences, having released unique films so far, and of course, RGV has his own following. Hence, it is to be seen which film would be able to make any impact at all, in the end.