Cab Stories Web-Series Review & Rating!

Spark OTT’s new film, Cab Stories starring Bigg Boss fame Divi Vadthya, Giri, Dhanraj, Praveen among others in the key roles is out on the streaming platform today. Let’s see how it goes.

Story: The film kick-starts with the story of a cab driver Giri ( Giri), who leads a middle-class life. One fine day, a drug dealer gets into Giri’s cab and unknowingly leaves a significant quantity of addictive drug in the car. After noticing it, out of greedy to make huge money, Giri replaces the original stuff with a duplicate one. Later, various characters like a young girl, a police constable ( roles played by Divi Vadthya and Dhanraj) join the plotline along with the drug dealer, who is on the hunt for Giri? How each character is interlinked with the others forms the main USB of the film.

Performances: After a long time, actor Giri gets a full-length role in the movie which mostly revolves around his character. He shines in the given key role and creates a solid impression with his acting. To simplify, his character is a backbone for this thriller.

Divi Vadthya is alright in her role which has a limited scope to perform. Coming to Dhanraj’s role as a fearful police constable, though he tries to evoke fun at times, the poorly designed character fails to impress the viewers.

Other actors like Praveen and Siri are just fine in their respective roles.

Technicalities: Music by Sai Kartheek is okay as his background elevates a few thrilling scenes here and there. The film has only one song which was composed neatly by the musician.

Visually by Sai Sriram creates an impact as the scene framing and night mood episodes are presented in an authentic manner. The film editing work was perfectly done as this 90 minutes film sticks to the point without unnecessary deviations.

The film lacks strong writing and so is the case with the dialogues which fails to create any impact.

Analysis: Directed KVN Rajesh’s idea of making a new-age thriller with drug mafia as the central concept is good but his execution has a few loopholes in the screenplay version. The director tries to present the film on a suspense note during the first half an hour and later turns it into a confusing comedy that looks unusual. But still, he tries to engage the viewers with its treatment.

Definitely, this kind of concept-oriented crisp thrillers is not a regular one for Telugu viewers and they make feel some uniqueness in this aspect. As the film has a simple storyline, the narration was also straight without any major twists and turns. If the sub-plot between Divi and her boyfriend has been executed in a convincing manner, the result would have been even better. The ending portions are executed in an abnormal way which may not get unanimous applause.

Verdict: A partly engaging thriller!!!

Rating: 2/5