Buzz: Senior heroes have a tough decision to make

It is no secret that senior heroes are finding it difficult to find suitable scripts for them. While they have experimented with different subjects, some of them blew right up, causing major disappointment. As a result, they are either opting for safe subjects or remakes, with both these prospectives having an equal percentage of hits or misses.

It is to be noted that even legends like NTR and ANR, and even Amitabh Bachchan changed their path after a certain point in their respective careers, opting to play character roles which are key to a film’s story. There are many such memorable performances for them as well. This is something that’s been running in the minds of many audiences for quite some time now.

This perspective is said to be spreading within the industry as well, with many opining that senior actors should perhaps opt for a different route, and play key characters instead of continuing to be the leads. It is now to be seen whether or not these senior actors would make this decision or not.

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