Buzz: RC15 not a priority for Shankar anymore

When Ram Charan’s 15th film was announced to be directed by none other than Shankar, who delivered super successful films throughout his career, everyone was elated, especially Charan’s fans. Most of the shoot for the film was carried on effortlessly, but the film seems to be in troubled waters right now, with Shankar’s other commitments catching up with him.

Until recently, Shankar’s Indian 2 was believed to be shelved by everyone, but the film is now very much back on, and it was revealed that Shankar was planning to allot ten days to Charan’s film and ten days to Indian 2, per month. This was a major shock for everyone, and things seem to be getting only more complicated.

Shankar initially intended to wrap up shooting for Charan’s film by the end of this year, but with his concentration now divided between Indian 2 and Charan’s film, it wouldn’t be a possible task. The director is committed to the remake of his film Aparichitudu with Ranveer Singh in Hindi, and with so many films lined up, it is being said that Shankar is not creating Charan’s film as a priority anymore.

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