Buzz: Producer’s guild to fix date for resuming shoots

All film shootings in Tollywood, big and small, have come to a stop since August 1st, due to the Producer’s Guild strike, where they decided to evaluate the current stanchion together, which wouldn’t have been possible if not for a strike.

At the time of announcing that all shootings be halted, there wasn’t any information regarding the resumption of shootings, something that is yet to be given clarity over. It is now being said that the producers would soon reveal the date on which all shootings could be resumed, given that there’s been a lot of pressure from actors and others as well, to get back to shooting schedules.

It is being said that the producer’s guild may announce 22nd as the day for all shootings to be resumed in the industry. It is to be seen what the ultimate decision of the guild will be, and when shootings would be resumed.

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