Buzz: Producer’s guild suffering from lack of unity

The producer’s guild announced officially that no film shooting would take place from the first of August and that every film shoot have to come to a stop. This decision was reportedly taken by all the producers in the industry collectively, but until yesterday, producer Dil Raju’s film, Vaarasudu, featuring Vijay in the lead role, and directed by Vamshi Paidipally, being made as a bilingual, continued its shoot. The producer only complied today, and brought the shoot to a halt.

It is surprising to see that the producer’s guild doesn’t have unity among its own members, which is now being portrayed in a very polarising way, with everyone surprised why producers aren’t the least bit bothered about the other producers in the industry.

The producer’s guild decided on the shooting halt to asses the current situation in the industry, as no film is working in the theatres, and audiences aren’t willingly accepting any films. It is now to be seen what will happen hereon.

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