Buzz: Nayanthara becomes more expensive

Nayanthara has been working in the South for the past several years, and has established herself as the biggest actress in the South currently. She is also about to make her Bollywood debut with Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawaan, which is going to be directed by Atlee. Nayanthara, while being adored and respected by her fans and general audiences, is also famous for having her own rules when it comes to being a part of any film.

The actress has been doing Tamil films only predominantly for the past several years and has only been doing very selective films in Telugu. Even when she does agree to do a Telugu film, a lot is heard about the actress’ demands, and the same is the case now. It is being said that a top producer approached the actress to cast her opposite a senior hero, but decided to drop the idea after hearing her remuneration quote.

Nayanthara has reportedly become more costly, having quoted Rs. 7 Crores as her remuneration, along with asking her staff be paid Rs. 1 Lakh everyday. Apart from that, there would be other costs like accommodation, travel, etc., which would end up costing a lot more. On the whole, it would cost nearly 10 crores to get the actress on board, which makes it the most expensive for any South Indian actress ever.

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