Buzz: Koratala Siva not the one to blame

Most of the Mega family fans are currently blaming director Koratala Siva for the debacle of Acharya, which was released among huge expectations. Fans are saying that the director didn’t write a script that was powerful enough and that he didn’t handle Chiru and Charan well enough. Due to the disappointing result of Acharya, NTR’s fans are now worried too, about how the film would turn out to be.

However, sources are now saying that in fact, Koratala is not the one to blame for Acharya. It is being said that the many controversies surrounding the film are true, due to which the film feels very different from a typical Koratala film. It is to be noted that none of Koratala’s films turned out to be flops and that all of those films were even highly praised for their commercial and social elements.

Koratala hasn’t commented on the failure of Acharya yet and has shifted his focus to the script work of NTR30 already, the shooting of which is expected to begin as soon as Koratala is done with the pre-production.