Budget slashed for Boyapati-Balakrishna’s next

Boyapati Sreenu was disappointed when Balakrishna put him aside and signed KS Ravi Kumar’s next film. This made Boyapati even hungrier and made good changes to the script.

Also, Balakrishna backed out of the film to produce it and left Boyapati in the doldrums. Now, Boyapati found a producer and will start the film soon. Ruler is a big flop and seeing such a low return on Balayya’s movies, producer Miriyala Ravinder Reddy doesn’t want to take a huge risk.

So, the budget of the film will be slashed and will be brought down under 40 crores which will be feasible for the makers. We need to see what will Boyapati do as he is known to make films on a big scale.