Brochevarevarura teaser- a laughter riot

Brochevarevarura’s teaser was unveiled on Saturday and it looks absolutely stunning. It has all kinds of emotions and other commercial elements which will definitely make the audience laugh throughout the runtime. Starring Sree Vishnu, Rahul Ramakrishna, Priyadarshi, Satya Dev, Nivetha Thomas and Nivetha Pethuraj in lead roles, the film is all about a gang of three young friends who are considered to be fit for nothing. The teaser starts with Satya Dev narrating a story to Nivetha Pethuraj and story is about these three boys. In between comes a love story which takes place in between Sree Vishnu and Nivetha Thomas.

Sree Vishnu and Nivetha even play high school students and they rock the look in a simple way. Nivetha looks beautiful and she plays a kuchipudi dancer named Mithra.

These three young lads would want to earn money, a huge lot of money in an easy way and they decide to kidnap people for money. Whether they success or not, that is something we have to learn by watching the film. The film is directed by Viveka Athreya and is expected to hit the screens this summer.