Breaking: RRR turned down for Oscars from India

For the first time ever, an Indian film saw a huge support from the International audience, when it came to the Oscars buzz surrounding the film. This was the case with RRR, with petitions being filed on, to send the film to the Oscars, from India. Considering the huge buzz surrounding the film, everyone thought that RRR going to the Oscars was a sure thing. However, the Indian jury selected a Gujarati film, Chhello Show, as India’s official entry to the Oscars this year.

Naturally, this is not sitting well with the Indian audience, especially the South Indian audience. The common question being asked by everyone is how come the Indian jury decided to not send a film that is being loved around the world to the Oscars, when it looks like the film could create massive waves internationally, more so than what it already has?

This move by the Indian jury is being considered as blatant disrespect of the South Indian film industry, one that has been prevalent in the country for decades now. Despite the jury not selecting RRR as India’s official Oscars entry, there is still the possibility of the movie being sent for consideration independently. It is now to be seen what will finally happen.

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