Brahmotsavam Review & Rating

The most anticipated film of Mahesh Babu, Brahmotsavam has been trending online for over a week now thanks to the intense promotional activities of the film. Does it reach the expectations that it has built so far? Let’s see.

Story: A joint family is a bundle of joy. Every moment is fun and every day is a festival. But then, just like every family, this family isn’t very perfect. There are misunderstandings which dare to split them up. An important member of the family dies and that’s when everything take a turn. The son of the family decides to take a trip to understand his roots and that gives him strength to bring his family together.

Analysis: Srikanth Addala loves families. Ok, we get it. And he believes that every story is about egos. Ok, we get that too. But we’d say Brahmotsavam has taken it a bit too far. His take on manchitanam, manchi mata and other manchi things actually get on your nerve. Brahmotsavam is a very ambitious film. Wanting to tell so many things that nothing ends up being conveyed properly. You do not understand, for instance, why Mahesh goes on a journey to find his routes. There may be a reason, but it’s lost in translation. And many more elements go through the same treatment. He has a lot in his plate… a lot more than he can chew and that’s what makes this film an unbearable fare. It may tug your hearts at times but even for an entire family, there’s too much depth, too many ideals and too much of happiness, it’s unreal, even in cinematic range it’s too unreal..

Performances: With age, Mahesh Babu is losing his ability to express it seems. He’s losing the charm he oozed in films like Murari, Athadu and even Pokiri. Samantha and Kajal Aggarwal have equally significant roles in the film but that doesn’t matter because they aren’t well etched. Pranitha is just there. The rest of the cast just adds colour to the huge beautiful family.

Verdict: This is less of Brahmotsavam and more of BoreUtsavam.

Rating: 2/5

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