Brahmastra first day AP/TS collections

Opened to mixed reports, Bollywood stars Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s visual drama, Brahmastra registered a worldwide gross of Rs 65 crore on its first day. As per the reports, the film has minted a share of Rs 3.56 crore on its first day in twin Telugu states. Below is area-wise break up data.

Nizam 1.80 cr
Ceded 0.40 cr
Uttarandhra 0.40 cr
East 0.28 cr
West 0.18 cr
Guntur 0.25 cr
Krishna 0.13 cr
Nellore 0.12 cr
AP/TS Total 3.56 cr

As per the trade reports, the pre-release business of Brahmastra for twin Telugu states is done for Rs 4.5 crore and the film should collect Rs 4.8 crore to achieve break-even status. As the film has collected lion share from the business on its first day itself, it is expected to complete break-even by this weekend.

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