Brahmanandam gets candid about acting less

Brahmanandam is a Guinness record holder, for appearing in the most number of films in the world. The actor has been entertaining the audiences for more than 2 decades now and has been immortalised in the memory of audiences, old and new, thanks to his numerous memorable works throughout the years. Apart from that, the actor has also been immortalised through memes in recent years, where meme makers are making full use of the actor’s previous works, according to the situation.

Speaking about the gap that has taken place in his acting career, in recent years, Brahmanandam said that this was an active decision that he took. He said that he wanted to take rest and spend time at home, with his grandson and family, away from the busy schedules that he used to work in, earlier. Brahmandam also said that he is still ready to take up roles here and there, depending upon the ease of the schedules.

Brahmanandam was recently seen, in an extended cameo, in Jaathiratnalu, where he was seen playing a judge. Apart from that, the actor is only being seen in short cameos, in songs, in recent times.

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