Bollywood’s history of ruining originals continues!

Given the regional language differences for every state in India, films made in one language are often remade into other languages, so that the concept is driven home in the best possible way. There have been several remakes of several movies, in several languages of India, throughout history. While some of these films were splendid and a treat to watch, some turned out to be a total degradation of the original and a ruining of the original’s essence.

When South movies are remade in the South, the story is a bit different, as things usually tend to remain the same, and the essence is not lost. The remakes in South usually turn out to be a faithful adaptation of the original. However, when the films go to the North and get remade there, it’s always a case of hit and miss. The originals are most often completely lost in translation, leaving a sour taste behind, for the fans of the original.

There are several examples of south movies being ruined in the North, the best examples being Simmba (Temper), Son of Sardaar (Maryadaramanna), Laxxmi Bob (Kanchana), and many others. Apart from this, several iconic South Indian songs have also been ruined in Bollywood, the next example being the recently released Hindi version of Seeti Maar (originally from Duvvada Jagnnadham), which was choreographed poorly. It is now being said that another South film is getting a remake in Hindi. Sources say that Salman Khan is interested in remaking Kollywood Superstar Vijay’s recent blockbuster Master, in Hindi. Master was thoroughly enjoyed by Vijay’s fans, hence it is now to be seen if the remake will be a faithful adaptation of the original, or if it will another example of a film lost in translation.

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