Bollywood: This reputed production house to venture into OTT space

It is well-known that the Indian entertainment sector is slowly tilting towards digital content for the past few years. Adding to it, the Covid circumstances prevailing across the country from last year is also forcing the filmmakers to bank on OTT platforms due to the shutdown of the cinema screens.

Following the new trend, many noted filmmakers are venturing into the OTT space and even launching their own streaming channels. Down the South, already senior producer Allu Arvind launched his own digital platform, Aha last year. Even news has been coming in that stars like Nagarjuna and NTR Junior are planning to launch their own OTT mediums.

Now, the latest reports indicate that the reputed Bollywood production house Yash Raj Films owned by Aditya Chopra is planning to venture into the OTT space and produce films and various shows. More details regarding the above news will be out soon.

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