Bollywood senior director claims theatrical star system is dead

Bollywood senior director Shekhar Kapur has made memorable films in Hindi. The director has now responded to the current situation. Currently, filmmakers across India are eagerly waiting to see theaters reopening. From the past four months, theaters are in shut down mode, and filmmakers are in hope that they might be reopened by September or October.

However, Shekhar Kapur has reacted to the current issue. He has said that the theater system is on the verge of extinction. He predicted that the theaters are not going to be reopened for at least a year. So, filmmakers need to choose other options. Currently, there is no other option than releasing films directly through digital platforms. Technology is simple. Stars need to release movies through OTT platforms or through their own platform. The theatrical star system is dead. All the hype around the first week’s business of 100+ Crores has come to an end.

Ram Gopal Varma who has already released two films through his own platform has supported this thought. “It is a doomsday prediction for an era” tweeted RGV.

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