Bollywood hitting breaks again, what next?

The spread of Omicron is threatening and frightening everyone across the country, as it has the potential to stir up a third wave of the coronavirus pandemic in the country. The second wave of the pandemic came in when no one least expected it to, and turned out to be way more devastating than the first wave. As a result, everyone’s being careful this time around.

Given that Omicron is now spreading rapidly in the country, especially in the Northern part, the governments are making sure that it doesn’t turn out to be bad for them. The government of Maharashtra already imposed night curfews and theatres have been asked to operate with 50% occupancy. The government of New Delhi issued a Yellow Alert and the movie theatres will operate on odd-even dates. The release of Shahid Kapoor’s upcoming film Jersey, has been postponed due to this as well.

With two big Tollywood films set to release, RRR and Radhe Shyam, and the Bollywood market hitting breaks, it should now be seen what will happen, as the promotions for RRR have already begun on a grand scale, and since even Radhe Shyam has a lot of expectations on it.

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