Black Movie Review and Rating!

Hero Aadi Saikumar and Bigg Boss fame Kaushal Manda’s film, Black under the direction of GB Krishna has hit the silver screens today. Let’s check how it is.

Story: The film prominently revolves around a night shift patrolling constable Aditya ( Aadi Saikumar). But as a sudden twist in the tale, Aditya will be trapped and cornered in a money missing case. Did Aditya rob the money? Who is the person behind cornering Aditya in the mysterious money case? How is Aditya’s past interconnected with ongoing mysterious incidents in his life? To know that, you have to catch the film in the theaters near you.

Performances: Aadi Saikumar did his part quite convincingly. His performance as a guy with sleepwalk disorder brings depth to the proceedings to an extent in the second half proceedings. Aadi’s acting in the multi shaded character adds authentic texture to a couple of key scenes.

Bigg Boss fame Kaushal Manda gets a purposeful role in this crime investigation thriller. His acting as an investigation cop in a couple of scenes elevates the mood of the film nicely.

Darshana Banik is cute but her chemistry with Aadi is not showcased in a proper manner. Her poorly designed character has no scope to perform in the movie.Other supporting artists such as Aamani, Prudhvi among others are decent in their respective roles.

New artists who played negative characters in the film are okay with their acting.

Technicalities: Music by Suresh Bobbili is okay as his background score registers for a few key scenes. Though the movie has a couple of songs, none of them register well.

The cinematography by Satish Muthyala is good as he showcased the entire film nicely and captured the mood of the film rightly. The editing work by Amar Reddy is decent as he kept the run time within the limits.

Production design work by KV Ramana is decent and so is the case with the production values by Mahankali Movies banner.

Analysis: Director GB Krishna’s core concept based on SleepWalk disorder is okay and his idea of interlinking the entire premise with various sub plots related to a crime incident is good but his ideas are not executed in an effective manner on screen.

GB Krishna’s on paper idea of showcasing two different shades in the hero though sleepwalk disorder lacks proper details due to which most of the film looks like an aimless thriller. Instead he would have dealt with the same concept in a different version for much better results.

To summerize, Black is a mysterious crime thriller that has decent performances from the lead artist’s but the uneven narrative and lack of gripping presentation comes as demerits for the movie.

Verdict: Aimless thriller!

Rating: 1.5/5

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