Biopics shouldn’t be propaganda pieces says trade

Trade experts are worried about the latest trend of biopics in the Film Industry and with NTR biopic losing over 55 crores after release, they are expecting the other producers to start following Mahanati example, where the complete story of the actor is explored in a dramatic way.

NTR biopic made an impression that the movie is a propaganda piece for elections in 2019 for Telugu Desam Party. The negative feedback about the legendary actor is also going viral, because of the single minded approach by biopic makers say many.

Teja the director who walked out the project said, “Director should have brains to inject proper entertainment into the film to not make it a flat one.” He did not aim this at Krish as he clearly stated that he did not see the film yet.

Trade experts are saying that the actors and filmmakers should realise one thing that a film cannot just be a docudrama even if it is that they are aiming to make.