Bimbisara Movie Review And Rating!

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s semi-fantasy drama, Bimbisara, under the direction of Vasshisht, has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it fares.

Story: Bimbisara(NKR) is a sadistic and egoistic king of the Trigartala kingdom who has only aim is to conquer kingdoms ruthlessly. But one incident changes his life, and he is pushed into the present-day world. What’s the connection between the past and present? Does he redeem himself? To know the answer to all questions, you have to catch the film in the cinemas near you.

Performances: Kalyan Ram is the life and soul of the family. He has improved a lot and looks absolutely royal as Bimbisara. His styling is superb, and he carries the whole film on his able shoulders. He played two roles in the film and showed excellent variations in dialogue delivery and body language.

Catherine Tresa and Samyuktha have minuscule roles and don’t impress much. Prakash Raj is wasted. Comedy by Srinivas Reddy, Chhammak Chandra, and Vennela Kishore is functional. Ayyappa Sharma is effective as Kethu. While the villains, played by Vivaan Bhatena and the other guy (Bagheera), are weak. The child artist leaves an emotional impact. Warina Hussain sizzles in an item song.

Technicalities: The VFX team has done a good job. There were some scenes that looked tacky, but overall for a medium-budget film, the visuals were definitely good.

The production values are rich. The background score by MM Keeravani elevates all the key scenes and heightens the impact. On the other hand, the songs are appealing on screen.

Dialogues are good at places. Action scenes have been composed and shot well. Editing by Tammi Raju is okay but could have been tighter. The cinematography work by Chota K Naidu registers as he showcased the entire film on a colorful note.

Analysis: The first half of the film is quite fun. Though there are rough patches in between, the film sails smoothly with a good interval block. But the second half goes completely flat except for a fight block after the interval but again picks the pace during the climax portions and ends on a satisfactory note. The ending of the film indicates that there are chances of a sequel.

The direction by Vasisht must be appreciated. He has done a commendable job of narrating a complex storyline without any confusion, though he could have done a better job in the second half. If he plays his cards well, definitely the young director has a bright future.

To summarize, Kalyan Ram must be appreciated for backing this kind of project. In this aspect, Kalyan Ram has gone ahead and believed in something different like Bimbisara. He has done his best on-screen and off-screen as well. To keep it short, Bimbisara is watchable for Kalyan Ram’s performance and a different storyline, making the experience entertaining, if not memorable.

Verdict: Kalyan Ram Show All The way!

Rating: 3/5