Bimbisara: Career best openings for Kalyan Ram!

During the pre-release event of Kalyan Ram’s Bimbisara, which was released today, the actor expressed utmost confidence in the product he was delivering to the audience. The same kind of confidence was expressed by his brother NTR, who even went on to say that Kalyan Ram’s career would be defined as before Bimbisara and after Bimbisara, after the film releases.

Upon its release today, Bimbisara did live up to the confidence expressed by NKR and NTR, and also lived up to the hype surrounding the film. Since the release of the teaser and trailers of the film, there has been nothing but a good buzz surrounding the film, and the film has turned out to be a success today.

On the other hand, while the figures are yet to be published, it is widely being said that Bimbisara has become Kalyan Ram’s career best opening without doubt, and that it might turn out to be the career best film for him, acting wise and collections wise as well.

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