Bimbisara accomplishes a unique record in 2022!

Right from the very beginning, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram had been very positive and confident about the product he was about to deliver to the audience, in the form of Bimbisara. He expressed his confidence at every chance he got, while promoting the film, and confidently said that the audience would like the film. The same confidence was expressed by his brother NTR as well.

This confidence has paid off in a spectacular fashion, with Bimbisara turning out to be box office gold. While the film boasts of a good concept, great visuals and amazing direction, Kalyan Ram also made sure that he played safe with the movie’s various deals, including theatrical deals. The ticket prices were limited to the regualr rates that were prevalent in Tollywood before producers decided otherwise.

As a result, Bimbisara has accomplished a unique theatrical record of being the only film in Tollywood in 2022, to break even in the first weekend itself. The film also marks the first hit for Tollywood in nine weeks, as every other film that preceded it turned out to be a disaster.

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