Bigg Boss season 5: Is Lahari Shari’s elimination a last minute decision by the management

The fifth season of Telugu reality show, Bigg Boss has completed three weeks and entered into the fourth week. After Sarayu and Uma Devi during the first two weeks respectively, Lahari Shari was eliminated from the Bigg Boss house on Sunday.

But Lahari Shari’s elimination has been receiving mixed response from the show viewers. While a few members are supporting Lahari Shari’s eviction, Lahari supporters and a section of netizens opinion that Lahari’s elimination is a last minute decision by the Bigg Boss management.

Among the five nominated housemates, Sriram, Priyanka, Manas, Priya and Lahari, those who are following the show on a daily basis expected that Priya will be eliminated from the house for the third week but as a twist Lahari was eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. As the fourth week has just begun, the nominations for the fourth week will happen today under the supervision of house captain Jessie.

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