Bigg Boss Non-Stop to start from February 26th

The promo for the new season of Bigg Boss Telugu, Bigg Boss Non-Stop, has been released today. The new season will begin streaming on Disney Hotstar from February 26th, and Nagarjuna will be hosting this season as well.

The promo featured Vennela Kishore and Murali Sharma along with Nagarjuna, where Vennela Kishore can be seen as a thief facing a death punishment. In order to make sure that he is not hung, Nagarjuna, who plays Kishore’s lawyer, suggests watching Bigg Boss as his last wish before being hung. Murali Sharma plays a cop in the promo, and waits for the episode to end, but the episode continues to go on forever, and eventually, Murali Sharma also gets hooked to the show.

The audience gets an idea of what they are in for when they look at the promo. The list of the inmates hasn’t been out yet, and the new season is expected to be bigger and better this time, with the audience being able to tune into the show at any time in the day, watching the inmates throughout an entire day.