Bigg Boss nominations: Is it fair or unfair?

Bigg Boss Season 4 is now on to its seventh week. It was on Sunday, Kumar Sai got evicted and few sections of the audiences are not happy with the elimination. They thought Monal Gajjar will be eliminated but Kumar Sai had to face the ax. Yesterday, as it was Monday had to be the nominations day.

This time, the nominations process was conducted a little differently. Instead of nominating directly two persons each, Bigg Boss has divided contestants into two groups each. Akhil-Monal, Abhijeet-Harika, Lasya-Divi, Sohail-Avinash, Ariyana-Mehaboob are the groups divided by Bigg Boss.

After having discussions, Akhil wanted to save himself and Monal have nominated herself, For Harika, Abhijeet had decided to be in the nominations. Avinash for the first time is in the nominations. Divi nominated after having a discussion with Lasya. Ariyana and Mehaboob have faced difficulty while nominating and finally Ariyana decided to be in the nominations.

Now, many are feeling that the groups were divided rather unfairly giving some advantage to few contestants.

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