Bigg Boss: Noel’s eviction turns ferocious

Noel Sean is one of the strong contestants in the house but many didn’t expect him walking out of the house all of a sudden. Noel has done this due to health problems. He is suffering from acute spondylitis and a few times he has suffered even to walk a few steps. Despite this, he has continued to be in the house. He has become captain 2 times.

Though Noel Sean has walked out, the remaining contestants expected him to come back after getting treated. But Noel has decided not to come back and to take the treatment completely. So Nagarjuna has invited him to the stage.

Noel Sean is one of the cool and calm persons in the house but during his exit, there was a heated argument between Noel and Amma, Avinash. Noel alleged that their way of making fun of his leg pain is atrocious. This argument turned heated and it doesn’t stop until Nagarjuna intervened.

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