Bigg Boss: Akhil sent to the secret room!

Bigg Boss Season 4 is having lots of ups and downs. The reality show which is meant to be on the unpredictable side is going as per the expectations. There is a recurring theme in the Bigg Boss’ house that the strong contestant will be sent to the secret room in the name of elimination.

Last season the same thing happened in the name of elimination. He was sent to a secret room saying this was a fake elimination. In season 4 a similar episode happened. All the contestants were asked to name one strong contestant in the house and he will be eliminated from the house.

Though Bigg Boss has used the word elimination, many contestants didn’t believe that. Even Akhil who was named as the strong contestant and was sent to the secret room has guessed that. Even Abhijeet predicted that and given some logical explanation behind that.

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