Bigg Boss 5 contestants are here!

Bigg Boss is one of the most popular shows in Telugu, with audiences looking forward to a new season of the show every year and eagerly waiting to see who the contestants for the new season would be. The 5th season of Bigg Boss is about to begin shortly, and the new contestants have already made their entrance into the Bigg Boss house, with the first episode having been shot already.

The list of the new contestants is now out, and these members definitely look to be promising for everyone to watch in the Bigg Boss House. The list includes:

Sreerama Chandra, singer/actor
Manas, actor
Vishwa, actor
Shanmukh Jaswanth, YouTube actor
Priya, actress
Swetha Varma, actress
Siri Hanmanth, actress
Hamida, actress
Anchor Ravi, TV anchor
Natraj Master, choreographer
Anie, Choreographer
Sarayu, YouTube actress
Uma Devi, TV actress
Priyanka Singh
RJ Kajal, popular RJ
VJ Sunny, anchor
Lobo, anchor
Jaswant Padala, actor

On the other hand, King Akkineni Nagarjuna will return as the host for this season, making it the third time he’ll be seen as the host for the show. The date for the airing of the show is yet to be announced, but the expectations for the new season are quite high.