Bigg Boss 4: Will Monal be saved this week as well?

Bigg Boss Season 4 has turned more controversial this season. There are comments that the Bigg Boss management is acting with their wish and there is no respect for the audience’s votes. Monal Gajjar is the main reason behind these allegations. This Punjabi actress is now in the Top 7 in the house. She has been getting nominated almost every week and while the audiences are expecting that she will be eliminated, there are allegations that Bigg Boss is acting otherwise.

Few sections of people are alleging that the talented contestants like Devi Nagavalli, Kumar Sai haven’t even got the scope to perform while Monal is getting ample opportunities. She is in the nominations this week as well and she is in the danger zone again.

Is she getting saved because of her glamour quotient and her relationships with Abhijeet and Akhil? Is there any controversy or the show is going genuinely well?

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