Bigg Boss 4: Tough nominations ahead for the contestants

Bigg Boss Season 4 is going at an interesting level. The audiences are attached to the reality show once again. Though there is a slight negativity at the start of the show, it has become normal now. The show on the weekdays too is continuing with decent TRPs. The reality show has entered its seventh week. So far six contestants have been evicted from the show. With Surya Kiran be the first evicted contestant, Kumar Sai is the latest evicted one.

Karate Kalyani, Devi Nagavalli, Swathi Deekshit, and Sujatha are the others to be eliminated. Every Monday is going to be the nominations episode. This time the nominations are going to be extremely tough if we look at the promo.

Bigg Boss has divided the contestants into two groups. Noel Sean has been directly nominated for this week. Amma Rajasekhat got saved from the nominations because of his half hair trim act.

Bigg Boss has cleverly segregated the groups with Akhil-Monal, Abhijeet-Harika, Lasya-Divi, Sohail-Avinash, Ariana-Mehaboob. Out of the two, one will be nominated and the other will be saved. The duo will have to decide by themselves. We have to wait and see who will be nominated this week.

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