Bigg Boss 4: Nominations process turned tricky and luck-based

Bigg Boss Season 4 is getting tougher as the finale is getting closer. There are only four weeks left for the season to be completed and there are seven contestants in the house. After Lasya’s elimination, Abhijeet, Sohail, Akhil, Ariyana, Avinash, Monal, and Harika are in the nominations.

The Monday episodes are turning interesting every week as the nominations process is getting tricky. However, this time Bigg Boss has decided to make it tricky and luck-based. He asked the contestants to wear hats in the garden area when the buzzer is on. Later it was revealed that green color hats are safe and those who wear red color hats are nominated.

Monal and Sohail got lucky as they got green hats and Abhijeet, Akhil, Ariyana, and Avinash have been nominated directly. However, there is a twist where Bigg Boss has asked to swap one of the contestants with the nominated ones. After the process hasn’t seen any progress, Harika, the captain of the house swapped Monal with Abhijeet and finally, Akhil, Avinash, Ariyana, and Monal are in the nominations.

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