Bigg Boss 4: Noel becomes captain, but will not get immunity

Bigg Boss Season 4 is going slow and steady. Though the tasks given are routine, the contestants are giving their best to make them interesting. Yesterday’s episode showcased the captaincy task with deal or no deal getting more twists and turns. Among the blue and red teams, Akhil’s blue team won the task and they participated in the captaincy task. Amma Rajasekhar, Akhil, Harika, Noel, Kumar Sai, Divi contested for the captaincy task, and in the final task, Noel has won by a small margin defeating Akhil and others. Thus, he became the house captain. This is the second time, Noel has become captain.

Though he became captain, he will not get immunity from nominations. This is a strange case. In the earlier tasks, when Bigg Boss gave the deal of directly nominating for the next week. Noel came up voluntarily to nominate directly and thus he was in the nominations. Noel has picked Mehaboob as the ration manager after he became captain.