Bigg Boss 4: Mehaboob to be eliminated

Bigg Boss 4 has this leakage problem right from the start. Every week some crucial information from the reality show is getting leaked. Especially the eliminated contestant name is being leaked a day before or so. Now, the Bigg Boss is coming to its end as only 4 weeks is left.

As per the leakage in today’s episode, Mehaboob will be eliminated. Mehaboob is a strong contestant in the tasks and he has proved his worth already. There is no other contestant in the house where they can beat Mehaboob in physical tasks. Yet, Mehaboob had to face the ax today.

There is a total of 5 contestants in the nominations today ad Abhijeet has been saved. Harika, Ariyana, Sohail, Mehaboob, and Monal Gajjar are in the nominations. With the show coming to its end, it is getting tougher with each week.

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