Bigg Boss 4: Mehaboob eliminating this week?

Bigg Boss Season 4 is turning out to be a winner again. The season is getting interesting with each passing day. The management has been aggressive and has sent three wild card entries into the house already just within three weeks from the start. Now, it’s the third weekend and time for another elimination. So far two contestants have been evicted from the house and the third one will be eliminated tomorrow.

For this week, seven contestants have got nominated. While Devi got nominated by Karate Kalyani, Lasya was nominated by then captain Noel Sean. Harika, Ariana, Monal, Mehaboob, Kumar Sai have got their nominations through the votes.

Nagarjuna will be saving a few of the contestants today and he will be eliminating one from the house tomorrow. Now, it was leaked that Mehaboob will be leaving the house. His over-aggressive nature in the Humans Vs Robots task has cost him the game.

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