Bigg Boss 4: Lasya Manjunath evicted from the house

In the present week of Bigg Boss, 4 Lasya Manjunath has been eliminated. The popular anchor is a prime contender for the finalists and even a few of the people thought that she could emerge as the winner. However, Lasya has always been behind everyone in terms of performance in the tasks. She is known for back bitching in the house. However, she could sustain herself as she tried to maintain harmony no matter what.

As the competition is getting tougher, Lasya couldn’t survive this week. She has been evicted as she got lesser votes when compared to the others. So far 12 contestants have been eliminated including Lasya and only seven members are continuing in the house.

The final episode of Bigg Boss 4 will be aired on December 20th. Abhijeet, Akhil, Avinash, Ariyana, Monal, Harika, and Sohail are surviving in the house currently.

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