Bigg Boss 4: Ariyana, Monal are in the danger zone this week

Bigg Boss Season 4 is now in its sixth week. Already, five contestants are evicted from the house, and for the sixth-week elimination, 9 contestants have got nominated. Abhijeet, Akhil, Lasya, Divi, Monal, Noel, Ariana, Kumar Sai, and Harika are in the nominations. Going by the trends until now, Abhijeet, Akhil, and Lasya are in a safe zone as they are getting the maximum share of votes. It is Abhijeet who is dominating the voting.

Kumar Sai is still getting the sympathy votes and his performance in the deal or no deal task has also helped him to an extent. Divi is known as a positive contestant and her clarity among a few issues is keeping her safe. Harika too is okay going by the trends. Noel who is an active contestant has been dull for the past couple of weeks. However, he has become captain now and this might help him a bit.

On the other hand, Monal and Ariana are in the danger zone to be particular. Monal’s double play is not going well and though Ariana is giving her best in the tasks, her over the top voice and irritating behavior at times are acting against her.

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