Bigg Boss 4: Another argument nominations in the house

Bigg Boss Season 4 is now into the eighth week. Last weekend it was Divi who got evicted from the show. Now, on Monday, like every week, the nominations task happened. This time too it was open nominations and every contestant was asked to hit the tiles of their chosen players to be placed in the nominations.

This nomination task turns out into arguments very soon. Akhil-Amma Rajasekhar’s fight turn out ugly where Amma Rajasekhar very weirdly pointed out Monal and Abhijeet’s angle in nominating Akhil. This raged Akhil and he again went into arguing. Amma Rajasekhar proved to be fake in nominating.

Mehaboob too has gained negativity in the nominations. He has nominated Ariyana who saved Mehaboob last week. The reason he stated is too silly. Monal again burst out in her nominations. Overall, it was a heated episode.

Finally, Akhil, Lasya, Monal, Mehaboob, Ariyana, and Amma Rajasekhar are in the nominations.

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