Big relief for Rakul Preet now!

The past couple of months had been really struggling and frustrating for the top actress Rakul Preet Singh. The actress’s name was dragged into the drugs scandal that was followed after the unfortunate death of Sushanth Singh Rajput. Rakul Preet has been shown on news channels in the wrong way. Especially, Bollywood media has shown so much enthusiasm and it had done a large amount of damage to the actress’s name.

So Rakul Preet has filed a case in Delhi High Court and the Court asked News Broadcasting Standards Authority (NBSA) to respond. The decision is made now. NBSA asked the media agencies to extend their apologies to the actress and asked to remove the respective videos from the Youtube channel and anywhere so.

Rakul Preet is trying to be on top of the game again in the cinema world.

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