Bhama Kalapam Movie Review and Rating!

Actress Priyamani’s much-awaited and anticipated web movie, Bhama Kalapam, released today and is currently streaming on Aha. Let us now take a look at how the movie is, the good and the bad aspects of it, and everything else.

Story: Anupama (Priyamani) is a housewife, who is popular for her online cooking recipes, which she uploads on her YouTube channel. She is also very interested in the lives of all the people around her and has her eye constantly on a neighbouring couple. As a result, she gets involved in a murder, and for some reason, a gangster happens to be in search of her. Why does the gangster want her, how is the murder case solved, and how does Anupama get out unscathed, in all of this, forms the rest of the story.

Performances: Bhama Kalapam is an out and out Priyamani’s showmanship, as the actress carries the entire movie on her shoulders. She emotes and plays through every scene in a highly convincing manner, taking you along a major ride with her. Priyamani perfectly fits the bill of a housewife and brings her ace game forward when she has to simultaneously don the cap of a small-time spy.

The rest of the actors suit their characters and play out their parts well, according to the story, pushing the story forward, making it an entertaining watch.

Technicalities: Bhama Kalapam looks very rich on the screen, with the production design being top-notch, and the team perfectly setting up its housing colony and establishing their culture. The camera work is also very impressive, with the background score being apt for the proceedings in the film. The director, Abhimanyu, has done full justice with what he been has given and gave the audiences a good output.

Analysis: Director Abhimanyu deals well with Bhama Kalapam, having written a screenplay that builds interest in what’s going on. He adds elements of dark comedy and crime comedy perfectly into his concept, keeping the audience engaged throughout.

While Bhama Kalapam doesn’t open on a banger, the film picks up pace after Anupama enters the scene. The proceedings meet their peak after Anupama gets involved in the murder in her building, and gets caught up with a gangster over an egg. Even as some scenes are not very highly convincing for the audiences, with the resolutions being offered in a very simple way, most of the screenplay works well, with the twists covering up most of the flaws in the plot.

Verdict: Priyamani’s show all the way, with a few good twists.

Rating: 3/5