#BFF Web Series Review and Rating!

Reputed digital content creating platform Tamada Media in association with Dice Creation and noted OTT Content production company Aha has bankrolled a web series titled, #BFF. Said to be an official remake for the Hollywood show, Adulting, #BFF premiered exclusively on Aha on May 20th. Let’s see how it fares.

Story: Set in Hyderabad backdrop, #BFF revolves around two young independent IT employees Nitya Kotari( Siri Hanumanth) and Tara Yadav( Ramya Pasupuleti). How will the both of them cross paths? How will they face the life challenges by sharing their stay place? What kind of incidents happen in their ambitious lives, forms the crucial crux of the show.

Performances: Both Siri Hanumantu and Ramya Pasupuleti did a superb job as the lead cast. While Siri Hanumanth did her part perfectly, this new girl Ramya Pasupuleti steals the show with her commendable screen presence and dialogue delivery. In fact, the chemistry between the two girls is a major advantage of the series.

The beautiful moments between Nitya and Tara add a fresh vibe to this five-episode show. The usual catfights between the housemates are showcased nicely without any melodrama.

Artists such as Anjali, Praneeta Patnaik are okay in their supporting roles. Other new faces who played the office colleague roles are decent in their respective roles.

Technicalities: The cinematography work is good as it showcased the entire series on a rich note. The urban setup and happening places in and around the Hi-Tech city are captured beautifully.

The background music for the show is soothing and elevates the mood of the proceedings nicely. The editing work is slick.

Off-screen work done by the production design team is visible on screen. The production values for this Tamada Media, Aha and Dice Creations banners are apt for the premises.

Analysis: Bhargav Macharla who earlier directed web films like Net directed #BFF. Compared to his previous outings, Bhargav improved a lot as a director. The way he and his adopted Adulting and executed it by matching Hyderabad-based urban sensibilities is good.

To summerize, #BFF is an enjoyable web series that has neat presentation and adorable moments. The way Siri Hanumanth and Ramya Pasupuleti portrayed their given lead roles brings so much positivity to the proceedings.

Verdict: Enjoyable new-age drama!

Rating: 3.5/5