Best Telugu Movies To Watch On Aha Video

Mega-producer Allu Aravind has started an OTT platform Aha and we all know that. Aha is exclusively for Telugu content and Allu Aravind is going aggressively when it comes to attracting audiences. Though started recently there have been interesting content in this OTT platform. Be it web series or movies, Aha is entertaining the audience. Still, it has a long way to go but it is going in the right direction. Aha Video acquired a lot of Telugu  Movies in 2021.

Now, let us have a look at the Best Telugu movies to watch on this OTT platform.

Best Telugu Movies On Aha Video

  • Naandhi

Naandhi Telugu Movie

After a gap of many years, Allari Naresh has finally given a grand comeback with the movie Naandhi. It is a serious courtroom drama that discusses the importance of section 211. Surya Prakash (Allari Naresh) who leads a happy life had to go through turmoil without his mistake. His life turns upside down and faces huge charges against him. Then enters lawyer Aadhya as a ray of hope for him. What follows next should be watched on the OTT platform.


  • Krack

Krack Telugu Movie on Aha

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja has given a solid comeback with the movie Krack. The film is an entertaining ride of an honest yet ‘Krack’y cop who doesn’t like the word “Background.” How this word changed the lives of three Goondas is said in an entertaining way. Ravi Teja’s energetic performance, Shruti Haasan’s chemistry with Mass Maharaja, Thaman’s wonderful music work, and Gopichand Malineni’s directional skills make Krack a must-watch. Don’t miss it.


  • Zombie Reddy

Zombie Reddy Movie Telugu

Prashant Varma who proves himself as a worthy filmmaker with the films Awe and Kalki came up with another interesting take Zombie Reddy. This film is all about two Rayalaseema villages who hate each other to the core because of their heads and the Zombie Attack which came as an after-effect of the coronavirus. Zombie Reddy is a fun ride of Zombies. Teja Sajja made his debut with the movie as a lead actor with this movie.


  • Super Over

Super Over Movie

Super Over is an 83 min interesting drama that revolves around Cricket. How Kasi and his friends’ lives take an interesting turn after they win a cricket betting. However, this win brings them inevitable trouble. The consequences of this are dealt with very neatly. Naveen Chandra, Chandini Chowdary, and Rakendu Mouli have played the lead characters in this drama. Praveen Varma has directed it. Don’t miss it.


  • Mail

Mail Movie on Aha

Mail is a beautiful drama set in the times of early 90s where Computer is slowly entering our lives. This Movie is all about how the villagers get attracted to the newly set up gaming center. Their innocent acts give a hilarious ride. Uday Gurrala has directed this movie which is just around 2 hours in duration. Priyadarshi has played an extended cameo in the movie. Harshith Malgireddy and Gauripriya Reddy have played the lead roles.


  • Colour Photo

Colour Photo Movie

Set in the late 90s, Colour Photo is all about the love story of two, Jayakrishna and Deepthi. Every love story has to face a problem or two and coming to their love story, Colour becomes the problem. What happens to the lives of Jayakrishna and Deepthi is said equally in an entertaining and heart-touching way. The film has Suhas and Chandini Chowdhary in the lead role. Sunil has played the main antagonist role. The songs by Kaala Bhairava are superb. Sandeep Raj has directed the film.


  • Johaar

Johaar Movie

Johaar is an anthology drama that discusses the life of 5 people who comes from different backgrounds. This movie is about how five different lives who have no connection with each other at all but destiny interlinks their lives and each others’ decision have an impact on the other. It is directed by Marni Teja. Esther Anil, Ankith Koyya, Naina Ganguly, Easwari Rao, Chaitanya Krishna, and Subhalekha Sudhakar have played the lead roles in this drama.


  • Metro Kathalu

Metro Kathalu on Aha Video

Metro Kathalu is yet another anthology-based film on Aha. It is just 75 minutes in duration and deals with five stories that are set up in the metro city Hyderabad. Gayatri Bhargavi, Rajeev Kanakala, Tiruveer, Nakshatra, Ali Reza, Sana, Nandini Rai have played the lead roles and it is directed by Karuna Kumar.


  • Gaali Sampath

Gaali Sampath Latest Movie

Director Anil Ravipudi has given creative input to the movie Gaali Sampath, the project that has Dr. Rajendra Prasad in the titular role. Sree Vishnu and Lovely Singh have played the lead roles in the movie. Gaali Sampath is all about Rajendra Prasad who loses his voice in an accident. Though Gaali Sampath didn’t do well in the theaters, the film is a decent watch for sure, especially for Rajendra Prasad’s impeccable comic timing.


  • Anaganaga O Athidi

Anaganaga O Athidi Movie

What happens when a stranger knocks on your door to living for a few days but has other intentions. Anaganaga O Athidi is an interesting take on what are the consequences the family has to face because of that ‘Athidi’. Dayal Padmanabhan has directed this interesting web drama. Payal Rajput, Chaitanya Krishna has played the lead roles. The ending is one such that shouldn’t be missed.


  • Chaavu Kaburu Challaga

Chaavu Kaburu Challaga Telugu Movie 2021

Mortuary van driver Basthi Balaraju falls in love at first sight with a widow Mallika. Karthikeya and Lavanya Tripathi have played the respective roles. Chaavu Kaburu Challaga is an emotional take on the lives of two people who have different backgrounds. Aamani character who played the mother to Karthikeya in the film was etched so well. It should be one of the movies on your checklist for sure.


  • Krishna and His Leela

Krishna And His Leela - Best Telugu Movies

Krishna and His Leela Movie is streaming on this OTT platform since July 4th and it has been a runaway hit here. There are millions of viewers watching this movie which got released directly in this OTT. Siddhu Jonnalagadda has played the lead role in the movie. Shraddha Srinath, Seerat Kapoor, and Shalini Vadnikatti have played the female leads in this slick romantic entertainer. Krishna and His Leela movie is directed by Ravikanth Perepu, whose first movie is the super hit Kshanam. Suresh Productions has backed the movie and it lived up to its expectations.


  • Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna

Bhanumathi And Ramakrishna Movie

Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna is a movie not made for theatrical release, it is made exclusively for the OTT release. Srikanth Nagothi has directed this movie which is a happy watch without any fuss. Naveen Chandra and Salony Luthra played the lead roles in the movie while Raja Chembolu and Harsha Chemudu played important characters. Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna is a mature love story of the 30s crossed hero and heroine. While their tastes, thinking, everything is different, they come from different worlds as well. How their lives got intertwined is dealt with in a humorous way. Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna can be watched happily with your family. This is Like one of the Best Telugu Movies On Aha Video OTT platform.


  • Kanulu Kanulanu Dochayante

Kanulu Kanulanu Dochayante - Best Telugu Movies

Kanulu Kanulanu Dochayante is probably the last movie many have watched in the theaters before they were shut down due to the COVID-19 situation. It is the dubbing version of the hit Tamil film kannum kannum kollaiyadithaal which starred Dulquer Salmaan and Ritu Varma in the lead roles. This is a crime entertainer which has full of twists and turns. Likewise, the original, this dubbed version too is a blockbuster on the silver screen and after OTT release as well. Kanulu Kanulanu Dochayante Desingh Periyasamy. Right from the start, this movie will engage you in the plot and the interval twist is unexpected. The second half is full of surprises and you will not be disappointed one bit in watching the film.


  • Arjun Suravaram

Arjun Suravaram Movie

Arjun Suravaram starring Nikhil and Lavanya Tripathi is one of the first films that was bought by Allu Aravind for Aha. This movie is a crime drama that revolves around the certificates scam. How the hero linked to this scam and how he comes out of it is the crux of the film. This is a comeback film for Nikhil. This film is the official remake of Tamil blockbuster Kanithan and T Santosh who directed the original has directed this movie as well. Sam C.S music is one of the main highlights of this film apart from the story.


  • Mental Madhilo

Mental Madhilo Movie - Best Telugu Movies on Aha

Mental Madhilo is one of the most under talked movies in the industry. Sree Vishnu has played the lead role while Nivetha Pethuraj and Amrutha Srinivasan have played the female leads. Vivek Athreya has debuted as a director with this movie. Later, he made Brochevarevarura which is also critically acclaimed and commercially successful. Coming back to Mental Madhilo, the film revolves around Sree Vishnu’s character who gets confused when given the choices of regular options. What will he do when he got stuck in love with two ladies. Never miss this movie from Best Telugu Movies On Aha Video.


  • Karthi Khaidi

Karthi Khaidi Movie - Best Telugu Movies on Aha

Khaidi is one of the most awe-struck movies in recent times. Released last year, Khaidi is a nail-biting thriller you will come across in recent times. Karthi as a just-released prisoner is stunning and it is one of the best movies you will ever watch. Start the movie and bet you will not regret watching it. In fact, it will give one of the best experiences. Be it the storyline, acting, music, cinematography, everything is so impressive in this film. Lokesh Kanagaraj has directed this movie which happens overnight. Sam CS has provided background music and it is just outstanding.


  • Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru

Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru Telugu Movie

Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru Movie is one of the most pleasant movies you will watch in recent times. This movie will not narrate a story but takes you through the journey of two youngsters. Kiran Abbavaram, Rahasya Gorak has played the lead roles in the movie. While both of them are in love with each other, there is a problem of expressing themselves. What happens when Rani Gaaru leaves their village for higher studies? What will Raja Vaaru do?? Will they be united? Rajkumar Kasireddy, Yazurved Gurram’s comedy is one of the main highlights of the film. Ravi Kiran Kola has directed this pleasant romantic entertainer.


  • Run

Navdeep Run Movie

Run is a suspense mystery film which is directed by Lakshmikanth Chenna. Navdeep has played the lead role in the movie. A happily married man’s life goes for a toss when his loving wife commits suicide. There are six suspects totally and a lot of surprises in store. Who is the real culprit or is it just a suicide? Watch the movie to find the answers in this racy thriller which is just less than 1 Hour and 30 Minutes. Pujitha Ponnada has played the female lead in the movie. Run has gained a decent response and you can give it a go.


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