7 Best Telugu Movies On Jio Cinema

Jio has changed the face of the telecom industry. It has given new power to the users. It has revolutionized the way netizens use the internet. Jio has launched the application Jio Cinema for its users and it has some exciting content. Jio Cinema has partnered with other OTT platforms like Sun Nxt, Eros Now, etc., and has its content. However, we are excluding these OTT platform’s content on Jio Cinema and have listed out the exclusive content in this application. Here are some of the best Telugu movies on Jio Cinema. Have a look at them, if you haven’t.

Best Telugu Movies On Jio Cinema

  • C/o Kancherapalem

1 Care Of Kancharapalem Telugu Movie

How can we describe this movie? Words will not be enough to describe this beautiful anthology film. C/o Kancherapalem is one of the purest stuff we can witness in recent times. The movie marks the debut of Venkatesh Maha. It is based on the lives of the people who live in the village with the same name as the title. The actors in this movie are mostly from this village. Praveena Paruchuri is the producer of the flick and Suresh Productions has backed the release.

C/o Kancherapalem hits it hard with its purest and innocent emotions. You travel with the characters and believe you are watching the characters in the village but not onscreen. The climax of the film takes you by surprise. It has won huge applause from critics and awards in film festivals. Don’t miss this gem if you have missed it in the theaters. A must-watch from the list of Best Telugu Movies On Jio Cinema.


  • Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi

2 Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi Telugu Movie

One of the most fun and contemporary movies in recent times. Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi is targeted at the urban youth and the film provides so much fun for the targeted audiences. Tharun Bhascker who made a sensational debut with Pelli Choopulu has got offers from many top stars but he had decided to do a movie again the newcomers.

Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi is the story of 4 friends who study B.Tech. They have one goal of making it big in the film industry but they part their ways for different reasons. What happens when they meet again over the party for one of their friend’s marriage is the story of Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi. Story-wise there is nothing special about the movie but it is the screenplay and dialogues where Tharun Bhascker scored brownie points. All the four friends provide good humor but it is Abhinav Gomatam who stands out among them. Vishwak Sen got popular with this movie. If you are chilling out with your friends and want to watch a movie, then Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi is your best bet. Go for it.


  • Gruham

3 Gruham Telugu Movie

Gruham is the dubbing version of the Tamil horror flick Aval. Siddharth has played the lead role in the movie and Andreah Jeremiah is the female lead role. Gruham is one of the best pure horror thrillers we can ever witness in recent times. The horror genre in India, especially South India is diluted with the entry of comedy. But Gruham will seriously give you scares. It is on par with most Hollywood scary films. Major credit should go to the director Milind Rau for undergoing so much background work in writing the story and screenplay. Siddharth himself has produced this movie. If you missed this movie in theaters then do watch on Jio Cinema for its pure horror stuff. The story has some authenticity to it and the way spirits have been dealt impresses you to the core.


  • Ganga

4 Ganga Telugu Movie

Though criticized, horror-comedy is one of the most effective genres in cinema. Raghava Lawrence is one of the few directors who have utilized this genre to the fullest. His Muni series can be termed as one of the best franchises in South India, where franchises don’t work much. Ganga is the third installment in the Muni series. Though the story is almost the same, Lawrence has once again managed to bring out laughs and thrills. His funny antics, emotional angle have been depicted beautifully. Ganga is one of the biggest hits of that year. If you want to watch a horror movie and want to get entertained at the same time, then Ganga can be your first choice.


  • Kanupapa

5 Kanupapa Telugu Movie

Crime thrillers are the most effective genres for the audience to get hooked. If your story and screenplay in this genre are to the point, crime thrillers can give you the best entertainment. Jio Cinema has an exclusive crime thriller in the form of Kanupapa. The Mohan Lal staring Oppam is dubbed with the name Kanupapa. It is a crime thriller where Mohan Lal is a lift operator who is blind. What happens when he is framed in crime and at the same time he has to save his friend’s daughter forms the crux of the story. Kanupapa can be termed as the most under-rated crime thrillers. Do watch it. You will not regret it. Mohan Lal’s performance as a blind man will make you hook to the screen.


  • Luckunnodu

6 Luckunnodu Telugu Movie

Though not so successful film, Luckunnodu can be watched once for its comedy here and there. Luckunnodu can be your timepass comedy flick for a few laughs. Starring Manchu Vishnu and Hansika, directed by Raj Kiran, this movie is a one-time watch. If you have nothing to do then have a look at this film. It might be liked by you.


  • Pittagoda

7 Pittagoda Telugu Movie

Pittagoda is a light-hearted entertainer. It has released as a small film and has done decent business in its theatrical release. Pittagoda is all about four friends who have nothing to do but side on a Pittagoda all day and time pass. One day they wanted to do something meaningful in their lives but it all goes haywire thanks to one of the leads love. Anudeep KV is the director of the film. Vishwadev Rachakonda and Punarnavi Bhupalam are the lead stars. Watch this film if you want a light-hearted time pass entertainer.


Jio Cinema has some limited exclusive stuff when it comes to OTT content but it has more third-party content. All the Jio users have a look at some of this content.

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