11 Best Telugu Movies of Jagapathi Babu

Jagapathi Babu has been considered as one of the top heroes in the 90s. He has done so many super hits although the majority of the films belong to the family. Jagapathi Babu had a strong women fanbase in those days. He is the romantic hero for the women. He has done more family-oriented subjects to satisfy them.

However, Jagapathi Babu tried to be versatile as well. He has been part of some of the different entertainers and serious subjects. He has even been part of comedy films as well. Jagapathi Babu has now turned character artist and been on the top in the business. However, we are here considering the best films of Jagapathi Babu in which he has done as the main lead.

Here are the top movies of Jagapathi Babu where he has done as the main lead.

  • Peddarikam

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Peddarikam is the remake of the Malayalam super hit film Godfather. AM Ratnam has directed and produced this remake with Paruchuri Brothers has worked for the dialogues. Jagapathi Babu played the youngest son of Parvataneni Parasu Ramayya in the film which deals with the rivalry between two families and how love being a turning point for them. Sukanya has played the female lead in the film and it marks her Telugu debut. Peddarikam is a huge hit and Jagapathi Babu’s career has taken a good turn with this movie.


  • Gaayam

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Gaayam, directed by Ram Gopal Varma is a sensation. The film was based on the Vijayawada gang warfare. The film has won six State Nandi awards with Jagapathi Babu getting one himself for the best actor. The highlighting factor of Gaayam is that Maniratnam and Ram Gopal Varma has worked together for this movie. They both worked for the story. Posani Krishna Murali has written the dialogue version for this flick. Revathi and Urmila Mandotkar has played the female leads in the film. Sri has composed music and Sirivennela Seetha Rama Sastry is the lyric writer. Especially, Nigga Deesi Adugu has been a sensation. It has given superb high to the audiences.


  • Subhalagnam

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After doing a couple of serious characters, Jagapathi Babu has taken the family genre route. Subhalagnam, directed by SV Krishna Reddy is a sensational successful film. It beautifully explains how money should not be everything and how money can change the thought process. Aamani and Roja played the female lead roles in the movie and both their characters are the exact opposite. Subhalagnam beautifully depicts human relations and middle-class lives and thought processes.


  • Maavichiguru

10 30 Days

Maavichiguru is yet another interesting and beautiful film in the career of Jagapathi Babu. The movie has done so well commercial wise. Jagapathi Babu and SV Krishna Reddy have teamed up once again and they came up with a nice message once again. Maavichiguru is a good commercial entertainer. Jagapathi Babu’s name in the family sections has been well recognized. Aamani and Ranjitha are the female leads in the movie. Once again Aamani has got a powerful role in Jagapathi Babu’s films.


  • Manoharam

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Jagapathi Babu tried to be versatile in his career. He has done family entertainers and on the other hand, has done serious subjects. Manoharam is directed by Gunasekhar. The film has won four state Nandi Awards with Jagapathi Babu has gained another State Nandi Award for best actor category. Mani Sharma is the music director for this movie. Manoharam deals with a serious subject. However, the family episode between Jagapathi Babu and Laya has been outstanding.


  •  Subhakankshalu

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This film is directed by Bheemaneni Srinivasa Rao. This film is all about a youngster trying to reconcile two families who were once so close but not having good terms in the present scenario. Subhakankshalu has been told in a very funny manner throughout wherever possible. The comedy scenes between Jagapathi Babu, Sudhakar, Mallikharjuna Rao are so good. Ravali and Raasi are paired opposite Jagapathi Babu in this film. Raj and Koti are the music directors and the songs are impressive too.


  • Dongaata

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Based on the film French Kiss, Dongaata is directed by Kodi Rama Krishna. Jagapathi Babu, Soundarya, and Suresh have played the lead roles in the film. KL Narayana has produced this movie. Dongaata is one of the super hits in Jagapathi Babu’s career. Jagapathi Babu played a massy role in the movie with a good heart. His performance is good in the film.


  • Antahpuram

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Antahpuram is one of the beautiful films that every Telugu audience can boast about. Antahpuram is directed by Krishna Vamsi which has Soundarya and Sai Kumar in the lead roles. Prakash Raj and Jagapathi Babu’s characters are the major highlights of this flick. Antahpram is a sensation those days. It has won 9 Nandi Awards with Jagapathi Babu bagging Best Supporting Actor in the film. The emotional angle for Jagapathi Babu’s character has worked really well.


  • Budget Padmanabham

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The combination of SV Krishna Reddy and Jagapathi Babu has done wonders. Budget Padmanabham is yet another super hit from their combination. As the title suggests, Jagapathi Babu as Padmanabham wants everything to be within the budget. He doesn’t want to waste any money. He hates to spend money. What happens when he gets married? This comedy entertainer provides us good laughs.


  •  Kabaddi Kabaddi

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Kabaddi Kabaddi is yet another comic entertainer in the career of Jagapathi Babu. It is a complete rural-based sports drama in which Jagapathi Babu bets on winning a Kabaddi match to win his love. He sets up a Kabaddi team with his friends and how he emotionally connects them and win both the match and his love. Venky has directed this movie. Krishna Bhagavan’s comedy is yet another highlight in this movie.


  •  Pellaina Kothalo

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As the title suggests, Pellaina Kothalo is a film where the director beautifully conceived the lives of the young couple and what happens between them, what kind of ego clashes they face and how they united in the end. Madan has directed and produced this movie. Pellaina Kothalo should be watched by every couple. It is another nice successful film in Jagapathi Babu’s career. In the long career of Jagapathi Babu, we might have missed some of the best movies as well. If you feel so, then do comment what is the movie that you think should be included.


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