10 Best Telugu Horror Films You Cannot Miss On Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video has become one of the most popular OTT platforms with its variety of movies, web series, TV shows on offer for its customers. For Telugu audiences, this streaming platform has become a must-to-have subscription as it gives them a wide number of options to choose from.

Out of all the genres, horror is a difficult one to please the audiences as clichéd stories don’t work on the same face or different face like they do in other genres. So, it is tough to find some good horror films, in general too. Here is a list of 10 Horror films that you cannot miss on Amazon Prime Video.

10 Best Telugu Horror Films On Amazon Prime

1. U-Turn

U Turn Telugu Movie
Samantha Akkineni waited for some years to be able to bring the Kannada original to Telugu Language. She asked the original director, Pawan Kumar to make this film and he took time to re-write it as well. The movie hooks you right from the first scene till the last with its engaging screenplay and solid performances. Bhumika appears in a cameo in this film and one cannot miss her performance along with Samantha’s. Movie music and haunting back ground score are a big plus for the film. This movie belongs to the category of those, which you cannot miss. Please keep the social message that this film delivers in your mind after watching the film.


2. Vadaladu

Vadaladu Telugu Movie
This movie stars Siddharth and Catherine Teresa in lead roles. It is a horror drama movie where hero possess his girl friend to take revenge. Director Shekar packaged the movie with drama and horror in nice balance. Critics praise the drama in the movie and performance of the leads too. As many, if you also did not watch it in theatres, please watch it on streaming platform as it provides you good entertainment, if you are a horror movie fan.


3. Jessie

Jessie Telugu Movie
This one is a low budget movie with an interesting concept. Have you heard people trying to let a ghost know that it is a ghost? This film deals with that subject and keeps you guessing as well. Performances from Ashima Narwal, Pavani Gangireddy and Kabir Duhan Singh along with Atul Kulkarni keep us engaged throughout. You can watch this Aswani Kumar directorial without any regrets.


4. Airaa

Airaa Telugu Movie
Nayantara is known for her glamour more than her performing skills even though she proved herself as an actress beyond any doubt. Some still try to see her as glam doll and express doubts on her acting potential. In a de-glammed look and regular avatar, she did this double role horror film with more conviction than ever. Just for her performance, you can easily watch this movie. It also provides good comic relief with a funny first hour. Yogi Babu and Nayantara will leave you in splits in few sequences. Sarjun KM directed this film.


5. Petromax

Petromax Telugu Movie
Tamannah Bhatia tried her hand at horror comedy with this film. She looks very beautiful and pulls off a skilled performance as a ghost too. As a horror-comedy movie doesn’t drag and you get entertained throughout the runtime. Rohin Venkatesan directed this film and the performance of Munishkanth in this film can be termed as a highlight of the show.


6. Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene

Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene Telugu Movie
This movie is a horror-comedy with Sundeep Kishan, Vennela Kishore and Anya Singh as leads. The movie tries to tell the story of a ghost in a highly comic way. A young couple possess another young couple and both of them looking at different people’s reflection in their mirrors. A psychological doctor starts analysing the case to state some unbelievable facts. Caarthik Raju wrote and directed the film. Critics praised the social message and comedy in the film.


7. Chikati Gadilo Chitakkottudu

Chikati Gadilo Chithakotudu Telugu Movie
You might have heard about erotic thrillers but did you ever watch an erotic comedy horror movie? This Santhosh Jayakumar film is such a rare attempt. The director pokes fun at horny dudes and brings a highly horny ghost into the mix to deliver a non-stop comedy. Adith Arun, Hemanth, Nikki Thamboli, Bhagyashree Mote, Sayanthi Guhathakurtha acted in this film in lead roles. It doesn’t go overboard with its adult comedy and the director finds innovative ways to crack jokes. Watch the film to feel upbeat after a good laugh.


8. O Stree Repu Raa

O Sthree Repu Raa Telugu Movie
Movies about popular myths are common in Hollywood. Each and every myth involving a ghost has been made into a film there. They are finding new ways to deliver the perfect horror film. But in Telugu, such myths based horror films are a rare commodity. So, O Stree Repu Raa belongs to rare category of films and even though it is a low budget film delivers on the horror promise too. It is directed by T. Ashok Kumar Reddy and he wrote the film. He came up with an engaging story around popular myth in villages that ghosts don’t attack them if they write, “Hey Ghost visit Tomorrow”, on their walls.


9. Budugu

Budugu Telugu Movie
Manmohan wrote and directed this film with Lakshmi Manchu in the lead role. Prem Babu acted as Bunny who is haunted by visions of people who are invisible to others. What do they want from him? Why did he acquire such ability to watch those invisible people? The movie delivers an engaging screenplay with mother-son bonding as the core. We can watch this film just for Lakshmi Manchu’s performance said critics upon its release.


10. Bhagamathie

Bhaagamathie Telugu Movie
One of the most popular films in the list. Many know about the film too. G. Ashok came up with a horror thriller after a few films of his failed. He acquired a good name as a director with Nani’s Pilla Zamindar and post that film, flops marred his career. He took a break from writing and direction to come back stronger. Bhagamathie got fans of Anushka Shetty and cinema lovers excited right from the day, the team dropped first look. Post-release, screenplay by Ashok, visuals by Cinematographer Madhie and performance of Anushka became talking points. The movie has a good repeat value to it and if you doubt us, you can watch it and check it for yourself.


These are some of the hand-picked genre-based films from the wide catalogue of films of different genres that Amazon Prime Video provides you on its streaming platform. Watch these 10 and many others to keep yourself entertained during these depressing times.