10 Best Movies of Rajamouli

Definitely, SS Rajamouli is the top director of Tollywood. He is one of the directors who made Tollywood proud. We can say with utmost pride that he is our director. SS Rajamouli is known for perfection. Rightly, he was called as Jakkanna, who takes shot after shot until he is satisfied with the job.

Rajamouli has debuted in the industry with movie Student No 1 which released in 2001. Now in 2020, he is directing his 12th movie. That shows how much time he takes for every film.

Every film of SS Rajamouli is a successful one. The range of the successes too only went on increasing. Now, let us see the best movies of Rajamouli.

Best Movies of Rajamouli

  • Student No. 1

01 Student No 1

SS Rajamouli’s debut film Student No 1 is so special. The movie has been a commercial entertainer and discusses the question of leakage issues. Rajamouli has given a sample of what he can achieve in the coming years. He presented NTR in a unique way. The interval block of the movie was just out of the world at the time. It created a trend that interval episodes should block the mind of the audiences. NTR’s acting + SS Rajamouli’s directorial capabilities + MM Keeravani’s music + Raghavendra Rao’s backing made Student No 1 a special film.


  • Simhadri

02 Simhadri

SS Rajamouli after his debut movie has turned into a mass director. Simhadri is the epitome of the massy Rajamouli. The entire Kerala episode in Simhadri is a goosebumps fest. The song Singamalai still reverberates in the hearts of NTR fans. In Simhadri too, Rajamouli has made sure the interval block is outstanding. Apart from the mass action sequences, Rajamouli has made sure the glamour is intact to attract the B, C Center audiences. These movies showcase how good Rajamouli has caught the attention of the audiences.


  • Sye

03 Sye

Rajamouli’s strength always lies in picking up different subjects when compared to his previous one. After directing, Simhadri, ultra mass action entertainer, Rajamouli has opted to make a stylish college backdrop story. To bring in variety in the story, Rajamouli has picked up the unknown sport in India, Rugby. Nithiin and Genelia have teamed up to be part of the movie. Rajamouli has succeeded in showcasing a completely alien sport in a complete understanding way. Rajamouli has made sure he didn’t miss out on the emotions while dealing with the college backdrop story.


  • Chatrapathi

04 Chatrapathi

Prabhas has become Rebel Star with Chatrapathi. The movie has been a sensation when it got released. Rajamouli has picked mother sentiment this time but the film stands out in its first half. SS Rajamouli holds back all the pain of the lead hero and his people towards the interval and burst out scene followed by the sequences gives us unlimited goosebumps. Though the second half a bit let down, overall Chatrapathi gives us the good feel. Shriya Saran’s glamor, Venu Madhav’s comedy are added assets. The signature BGM of the movie is just superb.


  • Vikramarkudu

05 Vikramarkudu

Mass Maharaja who is known for the entertainment has teamed up with SS Rajamouli and the result is blockbuster. Vikramarkudu is certainly the most entertaining film of SS Rajamouli. Attili Sattibabu character is just hilarious and one can’t help but laugh through out the film whenever Attili’s character comes on screen. Anushka is another highlight of the movie. While Ravi Teja’s Attili Satti Babu’s character is hilarious, his other character Vikram Rathod is powerful. Actually the greatness about Rajamouli’s direction is that he makes sure audience will be glued to the screens. He plans the screenplay such that a goosebumps scene is guaranteed for every 20-30 minutes. Vikramarkudu is just the perfect work of Rajamouli and there is no doubt in that.


  • Yamadonga

06 Yamadonga

NTR and Rajamouli have teamed up for the third time for the movie Yamadonga. Rajamouli after dealing with hard-core commercial entertainers, this time has picked up mythological touch. Yama Dharma Raju concept is a blockbuster combination in Telugu Cinema. Rajamouli has given his own touch to the movie. NTR is superb in his role. The direction is flawless. The hell setup shown in the movie is awesome. The scenes between NTR and Mohan Babu are too impressive.


  • Magadheera

07 Magadheera

Another major good quality about Rajamouli is that he looks to up the ante with his every movie. After delivering double hatricks, SS Rajamouli has attempted a huge budget flick in the form of Magadheera. The film at the time of making is very huge and many notches higher than the market of Tollywood. SS Rajamouli pushed the boundaries with this movie. Magadheera is an industry hit at that time and many were actually surprised by watching granduer of the film.


  • Maryada Ramanna

08 Maryada Ramanna

After the smashing hit of Magadheera, Rajamouli has decided to take things slow. He has actually decided to do a small film but the outcome is huge. With Sunil in the lead, SS Rajamouli has made a decent outing. Rajamouli has picked a very thin storyline and made the movie a total interesting one.


  • Eega

09 Eega

When the dreams of the maverick film maker has no boundaries then the outcome will be a lot similar to Eega. Rajamouli has proven that if one has the right story and screenplay to pick up then definitely the outcome will favor you. If anyone listen to the story before the making, then one would definitely laugh at it. A fly taking revenge on a person is too silly to hear. But Rajamouli has beautifully conceived the story and made it believable.


  • Baahubali 1 and 2

10 Baahubali 1 And 2

Coming to Baahubali 1 and 2, SS Rajamouli’s wings extended to the fullest. He has attempted an unbelievable feat with Baahubali. His imaginations knew no bounds. He has worked hard for more than five years for this epic blockbuster. This movie can be termed as the game changer in Tollywood. Telugu Cinema has realized its true potential with Baahubali 1 and 2. The word Pan India became popular after the releases of Baahubali 1 and 2.



Well, all his movies listed as the best films? Well, we bet you say no. Every film of his had to be on the list. There cannot be any debate on that. However, the numbering doesn’t need to be the ranking. It follows the order of his career progression. Rajamouli is attempting another huge film with RRR. Ram Charan and NTR are onboard for this project. It is a fictional take on revolutionary fighters of India. Well, let’s see what kind of magic will Rajamouli weave in this movie.

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