10 Best Movies of Anushka Shetty

Anushka Shetty whose original name is Sweety lives by her name. She is so sweet that almost all her co-actors, technicians, directors, and producers admire her and look up to her. Anushka Shetty who was a glamorous heroine at the time of her debut has slowly possessed the hero tag and became the care-of address for heroine-oriented films. Even today, when any filmmaker thinks of a heroine-oriented film, the first choice will definitely be Anushka Shetty and that’s her range. Now, we will look into the best movies of Anushka Shetty since her debut. Here we go.

Best Movies of Anushka Shetty

  • Super

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Debut film will definitely a special film for anyone and needless to say, for Anushka Shetty too. Puri Jagannath has found this Karnataka beauty and made her play the second role in Nagarjuna’s Super. The film was an average success but this film certainly helped Anushka. Many filmmakers recognized her and started to consider her. The glamour show in Super is a treat to watch for the audiences.


  • Vikramarkudu10 Best Movies Of Anushka Shetty (2)

Here comes the big break for Anushka without much delay. Vikramarkudu, directed by SS Rajamouli was a sensational blockbuster. Anushka has got an ample role to play. Her glamour in the movie is still afresh. She has made the audience drool for her. She has flaunted her navel in this movie and made audiences skip their beat. Her chemistry with Ravi Teja is to watch out for. With Vikramarkudu, Anushka has proved that she is a heroine to watch out for.


  • Arundhati

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Anushka’s success really relies on the versatile of projects she picks. While she is taking the glamour route and the path is really smooth, Anushka risked her career by doing Arundhati. When you have to prove a point then definitely you need to risk and Anushka’s risk paid off beautifully. Arundhati in which she played the titular role is a gigantic hit. Directed by Kodi Ramakrishna and produced by Shyam Prasad Reddy, Arundhati is a game-changer in many ways. Confrontation scenes between Anushka and Sonu Sood are one of the best in Telugu Cinema. Anushka has given a stellar performance. She has won Filmfare, Nandi Special Jury for this movie.


  • Billa

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After doing a complete performance-oriented role, Anushka has turned ultra-glamorous for Billa. The bikini treat she gave in this movie can’t be forgotten so easily and it is the best for any South Indian heroine so far. Nothing can beat Anuska walking by the side pool and Prabhas is in just awe of her. The scenes between Prabhas and Anushka came out really well. The song Bommali is just evergreen. It is one of the stylish films of Anushka and a very important movie in her career.


  • Vedam

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Anushka just loves challenges. She has risked her career with Arundhati and the same with Vedam as well. She has done the role of a prostitute in Vedam which is quite challenging for any heroine. Anushka just lived in the character. In the movie, we can’t see Anushka but the character Saroja. The way she carried the role is just awesome. Anushka from time and again has proved that she is much more than just a heroine. Anushka has again won Filmfare for this movie.


  • Mirchi

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The chemistry with Prabhas and Anuska is just lit. In Mirchi, it has gone to another level. Especially in the song, Kaatuka Kallanu Chooste, they both are too cute as a pair and many have wished that they both will be married in real life as well. Anushka has given a neat performance in Mirchi and the film was commercially successful. Her graph only went up with this movie. Koratala Siva is the director of the movie and Devi Sri Prasad has given some wonderful tunes.


  • Baahubali 1 and 2

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Here comes the most exciting part of Anushka’s career. Anushka has played the role of Devasena who was captive in the Mahishmati kingdom for years and had been waiting for his son to avenge her husband’s death. While in Baahubali 1, Anushka’s character has suffered a lot then in Baahubali 2, the actress has excelled in a powerful character that matches neck to neck with that of Shivagami. Particularly in Baahubali 2, both Prabhas and Anuska have given some stellar chemistry goals which cannot be matched so easily. This pair is something else.


  • Rudhramadevi

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Anushka who has become a synonym for women-centric roles by then has taken the responsibility of carrying this huge-budget entertainer. Gunasekhar has taken this mythological story and conceived it into a film with a huge budget. Anushka has excelled in the role of Rudhramadevi. The movie has performed decently well and once again Anushka has proved that she is the hero of the heroines. There is no second statement for that.


  • Size Zero

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Well, you might get a boring hearing of this but Anushka has been sensational in picking up experimental roles. Not many heroines would have dared this attempt which Anushka did. She has bulked a lot for the role in Size Zero. Her role represents some major sections in women in today’s world. Size Zero though not performed to the expectations is one of the important films in Anushka’s career. Anushka has proved that she is game for any versatile role.


  • Bhaagamathie

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At this time, Anushka is only accepting films that have weight to her character. Bhaagamathi was released in 2018. She has played a very typical character in Bhaagamathie. Her role has many shades and it was quite refreshing and at the same time shocking to see Anushka in such a different role. The climax of the film will definitely surprise you. Ashok has directed this horror entertainer. Thaman has scored the music. Anushka has given a neat performance in this movie. It was a huge hit, of course.


Anushka Shetty became quite choosy off late. She isn’t accepting offers so easily. Her last film was Nishabdam which didn’t do well at the box office. Since then Anushka hasn’t signed any new film. Hope, Anushka does sign one and entertain us like before.

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